About Us


We are Beekeepers that happen to bottle a small amount of honey. 

Our family has been keeping bees since the 1400's.  We sell most of the honey our happy bees produce right here in the United States to the high quality honey packers that buy and bottle 100% USA produced honey.  In fact, if you buy 100% honey at your local super market, there is a good chance, you bought a bottle of honey that has some Sweet River Honey blended with other great honey's produced right here.  The small amount of honey that we bottle each year is raw, unblended and unprocessed for you to get a taste of what honey is like straight out of the hive.  Because we don't blend or process our honey, each bottle may have varying characteristics of taste and texture which are dependent on environmental factors such as where the bees made the honey and what the weather patterns were like.  Our commitment to you is that as long as we are blessed to continue to keep bees, we will bring you the purest, rawest, unblended, unfiltered honey that the law will allow.  Our honey often crystalizes - it is an indication of the lack of heating and processing.  Crystallization of honey does not change the taste or quality of the honey.  Granulated or crystallized honey can be re-liquefied by gently warming.  Many people also tell us they enjoy granulated honey as a spread.  Nectar sources for our honey include huajilla, sweet clover, alfalfa, white brush, and sunflower.