The Secret To Saving the Disappearing Honeybees

Something that many of you already know is that our beloved honeybees have been dying off at an alarming rate and that means that real, pure honey is in limited supply.  Domestic honey production is only about 20% of domestic consumption and it has been proven over and over that much of the imported honey (certainly not all, but much) is diluted with some sort of other sweetener such as rice syrup (check out all the different colors and shades of rice syrup for sale by doing a search on your favorite search engine).  If you care to do further verification,...

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Honey - Nature's Elixir

Honey is good for many things.  Some proven and some assumed.  Not all honey is created equally but all pure honey has some benefits.  Believe it or not, there are some honey's that just don't taste good to some people.  Some specific honey's claim specific healing properties and charge very high prices.  Are the claims real?  Will everyone get the same claimed benefits? Decide for yourself, but just as various foods have different tastes, vitamins and minerals (black eyed peas are different than snap peas - duh), not all honeys have exactly the same taste profile.  So, how do you decide...

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